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Our satellites working on C, Ka and Ku-Bands ensure reliable broadcasting to the final customer swimmingly, local content control, equipment reliability, and twenty-four-hour support of the hot line.

Satellite fleet




We offer teleports for the global distribution of your TV- и RF-programm via satellites covering Europe, Russia, CIS, the Middle East and Africa. We guarantee appropriate broadcasting to the final customer over satellites working on C, Ka and Ku-Bands swimmingly for data and video transfer.

Modern technical solutions allow to optimize all the processes for customer. Our teleports can compress the signal MPEG2 and MPEG4 formats of high definition providing high quality signal transmission at any speed.

Atisat carries out broadcasting via satellite television and radio services to the final customers in the original quality and in a safe and cost effective way. We offer the compression of the digital signal to broadcasting companies which helps to reduce the cost of transmission. 

- Signal delivery via fiber line around the world

- Content delivery network (IP, cable)

- Hosting and hardware co-location

- Content management via virtual studio or playout-center

- Encryption services

- Delivering a signal via satellite to DTH-and cable operators

- Redundancy & backup

- Retransmittion (turnaround)

HD, Ultra HD (4K)

Effective use of transponder capacity to help the new compression formats and broadcast standards. Most TV channels are transmitted via satellite today, with standards DVB-S or DVB -S2, and compression in MPEG-4 or MPEG-2. A typical satellite transponder for DTH, by DVB-S2, can provide a total flow of 45-50 Mbps (average value), and this flow can be filled with content encoded in MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or HEVC.

Format conversation

The higher efficiency of the codec used, the higher the quality of the transmitted content, or more channels can be placed in each transponder. For example, one channel of HD in MPEG-4, and transmitted through the DVB-S2 uses format 8-12 Mbit / s (depending on the frame rate), whereas similar UHD channel requires about 40 Mbits / sec. Thus, the transponder can deliver 4-5 HD channels or only one channel UHD.

Currently, many international television and radio stations have been using the platform for the satellite signal delivery Caisha Ltd. to increase global coverage.html of content distribution channel.

Our services let our customers provide various content and channel options for satellite television viewers including a segment service distribution, a program package creation, pay per view, television channel provision on demand, an electronic program guide, previewing channels, home shopping, interactive order, and advertising of goods.

Atisat provides satellite monitoring services which in turn help to follow the issues of interest for our customers and receive updated information over the necessary events online.

MCR & Monitoring 365/24/7

- Monitoring provides global coverage.html

- Transmission and distribution in a real time mode

- Focus on requirements specific for this sphere

- Reports in time

- Twenty-four-hour support and the hot line

Data communication systems have automatic scan tracking systems which support data link communication between satellite transponders and satellites in С, Ka, and Ku-Bands for data and video transfer. We provide both periodic and permanent broadcasting according to the needs of a broadcasting company.

Atisat has a wide range of communication solutions which can be used both in show business and energy sphere, and in a number of other industries as well. We offer appropriate and the most convenient set of products created on a clients’ request.

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