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Broadcasting means distribution of audio and/or video signals which transmit television programs to the viewers.

A broadcasting program (schedule) is television or radio programs management on the basis of a daily, weekly or seasonal time schedule.

C-Band is the name of the electromagnetic spectrum definite parts, as well as a number of optical waves used for communication. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE): frequency band C and its variations in particular are the super-high frequency band used for satellite television broadcasting, by some Wi-Fi devices, wireless phones and meteorological radars. Low frequencies of C-Band are more suitable for a satellite communication in different weather conditions than KA or KU-Band.

Consulting is a service of a professional consultant in various spheres, such as bookkeeping, marketing, economics, finance, public relations, law, technology, human resources, engineering, communications, sound systems, radio and/or radio station operating, etc.

Compression means data size reduction with a view to the space or time saving during a transmission. In terms of data communication or source encoding the compression means the process of information encoding using fewer bits. Compression can be used directly to the content or the entire data module.

Digital platforms provide audio, video or data transmission in the real time or delayed mode in many networks, such as cable, satellite, terrestrial digital broadcasting and broadband networks.

Signal distribution network is the whole network of distributing intermediate links from a content provider to a customer.

Satellite-Earth link is a link between a satellite and one or several earth stations or receivers.

Encoding means the encoding of information in such a way that it can be transmitted securely from a party having no access.

Packaged solution means products or services which can be used by a customer without any additional actions because the provider has done its work completely.

Flyaway System in the sphere of satellite broadcasting means a comprehensive compact and mobile satellite communication solution providing uninterrupted data, image and video transmission. This service is suitable for a data delivery to any point in a few minutes.

HDTV is a digital television broadcasting system with a more high definition than traditional broadcasting systems.

The Internet provider is a company providing its clients with the Internet access.

Ka-Band includes frequencies in the band of 26,5-40 GHz. Ka-Band is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum super-high frequency K-Band. The identification refers to a spectrum which is higher than K-Band. The so called band of 30/20 GHz is used for communication satellites, Earth-satellite links in bands of 27,5 and 31 GHz, short-range target radars with high definition placed on boards of military airplanes.

Ku-Band is a part of the super-high frequency electromagnetic spectrum. The identification refers to a spectrum which is lower than K-Band. The spectrum varies from 12 to 18 GHz for radiolocation stations according with the specification of operating frequency range for radiolocation stations under Standard 521-2002 of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Live broadcast means the broadcast of a program at the same time as it is being made.

Monitoring service means following the issues of interest and receiving updated information over the necessary events online. Satellite monitoring service: imagine huge supervisory control centers with a great number of screens showing different materials, channels, and events. This is satellite monitoring service which allows any person follow any event in the world.

Pay per view is a system which allows viewers choose events which they want to see and pay for a private TV broadcast of this event to their houses. A broadcasting company broadcasts the event simultaneously for everyone who ordered it.

Playout is a term which means radio or television broadcasting from broadcasting companies to the networks which provide them to viewers.

A Point of presence is an access point to the Internet. This is a place where communication services are provided to customers.

Prime time is a telecast block being broadcast in the middle of the evening. The prime time is often defined as a period from 7 till 10 in the evening.

Distribution in the real time mode is an audio and/or video content broadcast at the time of an event happening and exactly at the time required by a customer.

Satellite broadcast is an audio and/or video content broadcast across a satellite network.

Satellite communication is an artificial satellite in the space for the purpose of information transfer.

Satellite coverage is a territory on the Earth situated in the satellite coverage zone.

Satellite news gathering means the use of mobile communication equipment with the view of worldwide news broadcasting. Transportable satellite dishes are mobile broadcasting units used by television stations for live broadcasting from a scene of an accident, newscasts, sports and entertainment events, etc.

Reverse broadcast service means indirect broadcasting when it is necessary to indicate a broadcasting destination point. Since outcoming signals move straightaway they have to be turned to the destination point. There are two kinds of reverse broadcasting: constant and occasional use. Reverse broadcast services are mostly used by television stations providing global broadcasting.

Smart-card is a small card with built-in integrated microcircuits which are able to process data.

Streaming broadcast. There are two ways of listening to or watching audio and video files. The first one is to download a file to a computer and then watch it. The alternative way is to start progressive or data-stream downloading when you don’t save a file to a computer.

Customers management system is a combination of the hardware and software, and human activities as well, which helps to organize and manage operation of the company. Customer management system contains all the necessary information about the customers in order to follow placed orders, loan limits, accounts, and payments, and to draw repots and statistics as well.

Teleport (telecommunication port) is a central point providing access to the modern services in the sphere of frequency bands with the help of the earth satellite stations.

Transmission means transfer of electromagnetic waves from one place to another, like from a transmitter to a receiver.

Satellite transmission means data transmission to a satellite and receiving it from a satellite.

Transmission delay is an amount of time needed to transmit all the content via a line. In other words, it is a delay dependent on the speed of the data transmission in a line. Transmission delay service refers to channel extraction according to a time zone in which a viewer lives, in such a way allowing the viewers to look through the content in their countries simultaneously and provide a coordinated line-up for a broadcasting company.

Earth-satellite link is a link between an earth station and a satellite.

Twenty-four-hour customer support means providing our clients with services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.